My name is Imran and I’m always looking for a new adventure. It started when I was very young, and that desire has never disappeared or diminished. From the school time itself I was into sports and other Adventure activities. This adventure journey continued in college life as well. After succeeding with such a feat, I figured I was ready to take on the world, to win in this world of adulting.  

Instead of thriving, I ended up with a boring life as I had joined a Software Company which required prolonged sitting 🙁 . The life  suddenly changed as the responsibilities started to grew. The guy who used to spent half of his day in sports activities was now sitting entire day in-front of a laptop writing codes 😉 .

After spending 4 years, I decided to finally take action and do something instead of stay in my own misery. I couldn’t do any of the physical activities or hobbies that I loved. So I embarked on a different type of adventure; I adventured inside my own mind.  It has been my toughest adventure yet, but one that has been more rewarding than I could have imagined. I started a personal development journey which has brought me more consistent happiness that I ever imaged possible. I hope you decide to join me on this ever-changing exploration of personal growth!

My Passion

Spark your world is a blog that I created to help spread happiness and joy to everyone that these words touch. It’s a place for me to share my on-going journey, as I continue to trust that my own personal compass does indeed point towards joy. After spending 4 years of boring job life,  I decided it was time to put in the hard work. I started asking myself questions in order to figure out what life is really about, what really is the meaning of life? Philosophers have been debating that fundamental question for millenia.  

But for me, the answer to this question has always been simple. Life is about being genuinely happy, and sharing that joy with others. Here I will be talking about the knowledge I’ve learned and implemented in order to cultivate a life that I am always happy to be living. A simple guideline of living intentionally and authentically: allowing yourself to love and be loved, creating deep and meaningful connections, and breaking down barriers to success all which help you discover the path to a lasting happiness. This will be a place where you will help you in finding the happiness in adventurous life and also here you will get lot of stuffs related to computer world.

My Goals

 Most people have a goal to be happy, but instead feel stuck, unfulfilled, disconnected, misunderstood, and furiously anxious. I’ve seen it from close friends and family members, and in the general public. Keep in mind that I haven’t always been so confident in my own intuition. I’ve spent years feeling unhappy for various amounts of time with no end in sight. I am no different than you, there is nothing inherently special about me that allowed me to find joy. I just decided one day that I was done feeling miserable and was ready to do what it takes to feel happy.

My goal is to help as many people as I can, by sharing my own journey and the life-changing knowledge I’ve learned through experience and from books! My own happiness compass guided me towards a life I’m grateful to live. I believe that it’s time for a revolution—A Happiness Revolution—a movement that empowers our society to see the highest potential in ourselves and each other. When we have the courage to try, we might just change the world.