Why I started blogging

Hello people :). Let me just clarify one thing in the beginning that I don’t blog about blogging so I don’t want to give an illusion that this post will be full of advice for starting a blog. But there are some specific reasons why I started my blog, and I want to encourage you to start one, too. Let me just give you a small idea about the word ‘blog’ which is a combo of the words ‘web’ and ‘log’.  It is basically a platform where people share their views on an individual subject. Some people are just looking for a place to put their thoughts, some people are looking to establish their own opportunity for making money and some people wants both :). Now let me tell you a few reasons of mine.

Wish to share adventurous journey of people with the world

When I started my boring 5 to 9 life i.e. Office life 😉 then I realized that I was moving away from my hobbies which were once part of my daily life. I was no longer the same sporty boy which I was used to be in my school and college days. I also realized that when you suddenly stop practicing the activities which you like the most then your life becomes a little boring and negative as well. Then one I day decided that I will have to take out time for my hobbies as well and trust me this changed my life. With the help of this platform, I will be sharing the adventurous activities of mine and others which will motivate people to come out of their shell and try these activities :).

Wish to share the computer knowledge

Since I am also an accidental Techie 😉 so I will be sharing some information related to the Computer Science world. The content related to the Tech blogs are going to be very simple because the main target audience will be school going kids. According to my observation, most of the schools give very less importance to this subject and to be frank the practical knowledge of almost 90 % of the students are below average. With the help of this platform, I will be sharing computer related blogs which will be very short, clear and with interesting facts. The intention is to help students and people who are interested in learning Computer related stuffs :).

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  1. Great effort.very effective and motivating for those who wish to learn computer even seating at home and even dream to acquire sound knowledge or wish to start his or her career as software engineer.i wish best of luck.

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