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My name is Imran and I am an athlete turned Software Engineer. As I continue living my adventurous life, I’ll be hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, biking, and adventuring everywhere and anywhere. Except this time, I’ll be loving every minute with a newfound joy that comes with me everywhere I go. Since I am a techie so I would be creating a lot of stuff related to the computer world on the website. 

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Do you feel stuck and frustrated? And no matter how many people you ask for advice, you STILL feel stuck? If Yes, then I guess it’s the time for you to join me in my journey. 

I’m trying to start a revolution. A Happiness Revolution.  It wasn’t long ago when I was looking around me and realized that our culture perpetuates dissatisfaction. How many people are have taught you how to be happy? I recognize the need for helping others break through limiting beliefs, and cannot wait to spread joy to everyone I work with.